Swimming Pools

Professional Swimming Pool Installation

At Garden Geeks Landscaping & Swimming Pools, we now offer swimming pool construction and swimming pool services. We have expert technicians who will make sure your swimming pool is always operating well with our exceptional quality services.

Garden Geeks Landscaping & Swimming Pools provides new in-ground construction for swimming pools. We offer all types of in-ground pools that include concrete, vinyl-lined, and fiberglass. We also include in our services pool openings and closings.

Garden Geeks Swimming Pool Maintenance

Among the other swimming pool services that Garden Geeks Landscaping & Swimming Pools offers are liner replacements – which we recommend after 10 to 15 years from installation, and automatic cover installations and replacements. We also provide a suite of swimming pool maintenance services that include skimming pool debris, cleaning your pool, balancing chemicals, inspecting covers, checking pumps and additional pool equipment, ensuring the safety of the water, etc.