Landscape maintenance Services

At Garden Geeks Landscaping & Swimming Pools, our cleanups year-round will be customized to fit the unique needs of your property. You will find that our cleanups will serve to potentially increase your property value, while enhancing your curb appeal. Experience the our amazing landscaping services!

The premium quality landscaping services you receive from Garden Geeks Landscaping & Swimming Pools ensures that your property will look immaculate and tidy all year long. Our goal is to leverage all of our custom landscaping services to leave your property with maximum curb appeal.

A typical landscape cleanup includes the following services:

Our landscaping service includes:

Lawn Services

Mowing all lawn areas:

Our lawn care experts want your lawn to look tidy and neat, which is why you will benefit from us mowing all areas of your lawn. With our professional lawn mowing service, we will create a lawn you will be proud of. We don’t miss an inch of lawn during our meticulous mowing.

Edging Lawn:

There’s nothing that can spoil the appearance of your lawn than when it has not been edged or not properly edged. Our professional lawn care technicians will edge your lawn perfectly so it stands out for its pristine beauty.

Plant Beds

Pruning and trimming plants:

Our lawn care crew at Garden Geeks Landscaping & Swimming Pools will thoroughly trim all your plants in order to accentuate their beauty and foster healthy growth of your plants. When done right, edging will keep your plants in prime condition and out of harm’s way. Our edging/trimming landscaping service will make it possible for you to enjoy your garden or flowerbed that you have worked so hard to nurture.

Weeding beds:

When our lawn care experts weed your beds, it will allow more room for desired plants to grow and thrive.  It also prevents weeds from extracting the nutrients and moisture needed for your cultivated plants to grow. When we regularly weed your bed, it will also enable your garden to resist disease.

Raking flower beds:

By having our lawn care technicians at Garden Geeks Landscaping & Swimming Pools rake the leaves and debris from your flower beds, you will help your flowers grow and flourish. What’s more, dense debris in your flower bed could deprive your flowers of sunlight that they need to grow and stay healthy. That won’t happen when we perform this important landscaping service.

General Cleanups

Removing leaves

You will want us to remove leaves from your lawn to ensure it thrives and stays healthy all year long. When we remove all the leaf clutter from your lawn it ensures your grass can breathe and fully absorb sunlight and air that it requires for proper growth.

Removing debris

As part of our comprehensive landscaping services, Garden Geeks will do a thorough job of removing debris from your lawn. By doing so, it ensures fresh growth of your grass and flowers. We will make sure all debris is eliminated from your lawn so every living specimen can grow and thrive.

blowing walkways, patios & driveways

At Garden Geeks, we know you don’t want anything getting in the way of your property looking clean and neat. That is why as part of our landscaping service, we will blow away all leaves and other debris from your walkways, patios, and driveway.

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