General Cleanups

General Cleanups

The lawn care experts at Garden Geeks Landscaping & Swimming Pools want your lawn to appear pristine and beautiful throughout the year. That is why we offer general cleanups service that ensure your property always looks clean and neat.

Because we know you want the various elements of your yard to look tidy, our general cleanups will include mowing and edge trim, fertilizing and weed control, trimming of small and large bushes, and pruning your trees. In order to ensure your lawn is ultra-healthy, our general cleanups service includes lawn aerating, as well.  We will also make adjustments to your timing valves, and replace timing valves when necessary. We will help your property look impeccable by removing and disposing of garden debris and cleaning up your driveway and sidewalk.

Our goal with this custom lawn care service is for your property to look striking and beautiful so even your neighbors are jealous.

Our lawn cleanups include: 

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